Live CD

The Live CD is an easy way to try out Proview without installing anything on your PC. It contains a Demo project with some applications examples and a demo of the functions in the SCADA system. You are also able to configure and start a simple system by for example following the Getting Started Guide.

Getting the Live CD

Download the Live CD ISO image from sourceforge by clicking on the link below.

Download Live CD

When the image is downloaded you need to burn it using the CD drive.

Running the Live CD

Normally you just have to insert the burned CD into the CD drive and reboot the PC. If the PC doesn't boot from the CD, you will have to modify the primary boot device in the BIOS.

Start the Demo project

Click on the Pwr Demo icon on the desktop. The Proview Runtime Monitor is now opened. Start the Proview runtime by Pressing the 'Start Runtime' button. Wait until the green 'Running' text is displayed, and then activate 'File/Start  Operator Environment' in the menu.

Now you can for example examine the LevelControl or TemperatureControl applications by
pressing the corresponding button to the right in the operator window.

Follow the Getting Started Guide

Click on the Pwr47 icon on the desktop to start the administrator from you can create a project. Follow the Getting Started Guide to create a simple project. Note that there is an updated version of the Getting Started Guide on the Documentation page. If you insert a USB-stick, the project can be stored on the USB-stick and restored later.