Building automation, City of Munich

CVolGA (C) 2021 City of Munich


CVolGA is a ProviewR classvolume, developed by the City of Munich, to simplify and standardize building automation, monitoring and maintenance, based on SSAB's Open Source Process Control System (

The classvolume is released under GNU General Public License Version 3.

Documentation will not be available until the pilot phase is complete.

Therefore, with the material at hand, you are largely on your own for the time being. As usual with open source, we will endeavor to answer questions asked on the ProviewR forum 


The class library implements simple aggregates, such as valves, pumps, fire dampers, fans and others, with the feature of local override operation, and complex aggregates such as heating coils, HVAC systems and heat pumps, including passive cooling.

The classvolume is build with ProviewR version 5.6.1-1. To use a higher ProviewR version follow the release notes on the ProviewR website ''. 

Feel free to use and improve the system.

Martin Schüppen (

Download cvolga.tgz